40mm Höherlegung für den Dexter

BF Goodrich All Terrain Bereifung

40 mm Höherlegung von extrem Konzepte

After five years of traveling off-road with a Land Rover Defender with popup roof tent, we had the need for more space.

Unfortunately, due to strict Belgian regulations, we could not rebuild our Defender, so we had to sell it and search for another vehicle, that would still allow us to travel the same way as we did until now.


As it happened like an omen, we encountered a year before in the Alps a Ford Transit 4x4,

lifted and fitted with BFG-Goodrich tires.

After some research we found out this was a Karmann Dexter, lifted by Extrem Konzepte.


This was the vehicle we wanted. So we searched for a Karmann dealer in Belgium that could deliver
us the off-road worthy version of the Dexter 560 AWD by Extrem Konzepte.

Due to Covid-19 it was a long wait, but it was sure worth it. The work is well done, and has proven his use during the first trip we did in France. Off-road and river crossings are no problem thanks to the body lift and proper tires fitted. The underbody protection is a must have if you take the Ford on rocky tracks.

Thanks to the work of Extrem Konzepte we can continue our way of traveling with a more spacious vehicle.

We are a happy customer enjoying every kilometer we can travel off-road.


Der Karmann Dexter von Tony auf der ersten Tour durch Frankreich: Video